Yakushima Field Station

Last update: Nov 2013


"Yakushima Field Station" is a facility for those who visit Yakushima for research and educational purposes. This station was founded in 1988 as a facility of Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University. Since 2008, it has been managed by Wildlife Research Center of Kyoto University.

The station is used by graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and senior researchers for researches on variety of species including Yakushima macaques.


Westen coastal area of Yakushima Island is registered as the World Heritage and many projects have been conducted in this area. The station is located in Nagata, the nearest town to this area.

Notice to users

The station can be used only for research and/or education purposes without economical profit.
No charge is required for the use of the station. Please note that more obligations and limitations are required than staying a lodging with charge.

We do not have a resident staff. Users have to do basic maintenance of the facility such as cleaning amd housework, such as cook, wash, shopping, waste diposal and so on. Especially, please share cooking, which takes much time.

There is no private rooms. Users have to share a room with up to 6 persons.

We welcome independent researches who cook and clean, cooperatively with others.

Rooms and Equipments

Room: 2 living rooms, 1 kitchen, 1 work room, 1 experiment room, 1 shower room
Basic cooking ware, 1 washing machine
Communication equipments and PC: a telephone, a facsimile, internet (ADSL), a color laser printer
Experimental equipments: a freezer, a refrigerator, a drying box for plant samples

Planning a New Project in Yakushima

Several research projects are conducted in Yakushima. We hope to avoid unnecessary overlap and conflict between research projects and to promote co-operation between researchers. If you are planning a new research project in Yakushima, please consider the following matters. Good communication with the other researchers from the early stage will help to promote cooperation and to avoid conflict.

Please know the current research projects in Yakushima as much as possible. We can provide the information and suggest some researchers to contact with.

We encourage to contact us at the early stage of your planning, preferably, prior to applying funds for research in Yakushima.

We would like to limit one or two researcher(s) who conducts intensive research per a group of Yakushima macaques at the same period. Too many researches may affect their survival and reproduction. Please choose your subject group carefully, contacting with other researches.

For further information, please correspond to the following address.


Long term stay at the field station, exceeding three months, is not permitted. If you are planning research in Yakushima of any length, please consult us before you fix your research schedule. We cannot assist you to find a rental house in Yakushima. There is no real estate agent in Yakushima, so it is difficult to find a rental house.

Overseas researchers are requested to fill in the name(s) of a Japanese counterpart when applying the use of the field station. The counterpart must have a permanent position at a Japanese university/institute, and must have past experiences of research in Yakushima. He/she is responsible for getting permissions to enter into the national and prefecture forests, to collect samples in the national park for which Japanese applications are necessary and for any troubles with his/her oversea counterparts.

Please read through 'Rule of use of the Yakushima Field Station' and 'Introduction to the security measures during the research in Yakushima' before application.

The application form is accepted from two months before use. The form should be arrived at least two weeks before use.
We may not accept the application if it is crowded (8 persons at maximum).

For the first application of the fiscal year (from APR 1 to MAR 31), please send an "Application Form for Cooperative Study", by which we examine your research project, and an "Application form for the Use of Stations" which includes detailed schedule.
For the second time or later within the same ficcal year, an "Application Form for Cooperative Study" is not necessary as long as your project remains the same, and send an "Application form for the Use of Stations" only.
Application forms should be addressed to: E-mail:
Application forms can be downloaded from the following page

WRC Cooperative Research Rule of Yakushima Station

Publications by the use of Yakushima Field Station

Publications of researches are listed, that were conducted by the use of Yakushima Field Station.
Please note that most studies whose data were collected before the station was built in 1988. The pioneer researchers in that age based at the "Monkey Hut", build and maintained by a voluntary research group or rental houses. We include such publications in the list with the authors' agreement, because their pioneer work founded the station.

Listed by publication year (Publications without English titles are omitted)


Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University
Facsimile: 075-771-4394