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Please submit your final report via Google Forms [Click here].
The information you provide in the form will be published on our website and annual report. We would be grateful if you could provide a photo or image related to your research.

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Publication of Your Research
Please let us know if you have published the results of collaborative research. Your publication is very important for the evaluation of this project.
Fill in your publication in the following forms. Publication of your paper * / Doctoral or master's degree / Presentation at academic conferences / Award / Reported by a mass media
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* Enter the following works in Publication of your paper for book, contributions to magazines, newspapers, and media for the general public.

Please fill your publication resulted from the collaborative research done in the previous fiscal years from the above forms. These are also counted as the achievements of our collaborative study.


When publish a paper as the results of the collaborative research, please include the acknowledgments as follows. Without an acknowledgment, it will not be counted as an achievement of our collaborative research (especially when a WRC member is not included as an author).
e.g.,) the Collaborative Research Program of Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University
  the Collaborative Research Program of WRC, Kyoto Univ.
You can make a minor change depending on the context.


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