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Pictures of glacier organisms


Green algae

Cylindrocystis brebissonii

Ablation area in Himalayan glacier

(Yala glacier, Nepal )

Green algae

Mesotaenium berggrenii

(Yala glacier, Nepal )

Green algae

Ancylonema noldenskioeldii

(Yala glacier, Nepal )

Blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria)


Filoumentous blue-green algae are observed in ablation zone of Himalayan, Tibetan and Arctic glaciers.

(Yala glacier, Nepal )

Green alga

Scotiella nivalis

(Mt. Taketama, Japan)

Green alga

Chlamydomonas nivalis

In red snow. This cell is a resting spore.
The cell have red carotinoids to protect its body from strong UV radiation on snow surface.
(Mt. Taketama, Japan)


Midges, Insect. Up/lavae Down/Adults

Diamesa kohshimai

This was discovered on Yala glacier in Nepal Himalayas. n glacier.

(Yala glacier, Nepal )

QuickTime Movie

Glaciealla Yalensis

They live in the melt water on the glaciers.

Noplius (left) and copepod (right).
(Yala glacier, Nepal )

QuickTime Movie
Copepod1 (553k)
Copepod2 (975k)
Copepod3 (748k)

Isotoma sp.
They are observed in accumulation zone.

(Yala glacier, Nepal )

Eocapniera monticola

We can find them on snow field of mountain in May and June.
All of them are going to same direction.

(Tateyama, Japanese Alps)

Other animals in snow or ice

Wingless winter stonefly: Eocapnia nivalis (Japan)

Wingless winter cranefly : Chionea nipponica (Japan)

Wingless stonefly : Scopura longa (Japan)

Ice Worm : Mesenchytraeus solifugus (North America)

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