A stonefly discovered on the glacier surface in Patagonia. ...Details: Here

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Welcome to Kohshima Laboratory !

We are studying Glacier Biology which is study of living organisms on snow and ice. We have one professor who is actually strange. So students of this laborotory are also all unusual funny guys and girls.

This page is still under construction. Please enjoy a lot of pictures of the glacier organisms (Himalayas, Patagonia and Arctic) and the rain forest of South-America.

Glacier Biology
Introduction to the glacier biology with many photographs of organisms living in snow and ice.

Wild Parokeets living in Tokyo
There is a big roost of wild inko in this campas.

Microstructures on plant body and its relation with animals
Plants have many microstructures on their surface to defend from their enemies.

Animal ethology (Coming soon!)
We are studing about behavior of Dolphin, Mouse deer, Rinos ....

Human ethology (Coming soon!)
Study about behavior of human being.

Field report
Reports from domestic and overseas study fields of students in this lab.

@Abstract of graduate thesis of this lab.
You can choose any living things as your study subject in this laboratry. Students have studied about glacier biology, plant, mite, bear, house, human, and inko.

@Abstract for conferences
We usually attend conferences of Japanese sciety of snow and ice, Japanese ethological society, and Japanese ecological society.

@Subject of our study.
Now, we are studying this subjects.

@Member of this lab.
Introsuction of students in this lab.

@List of publications

@Address and contact

Introduction about volunteer work for Himalayan village (Langtang) in Nepal.

@Research Link
Useful links for glaciology, ethology, ecology, and biology.

@Job & Fund Link
Get a job and funds!! For students in this lab.

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