2 bed rooms for guests / Kitchen / Fridge / Bath room and shower room / Washing machine and dryer / Cabin (in the island)


Freezer(-30℃) / Fridge / Distilator / Autoclave / Centrifuges / Microscopes / Incubator / Dryoven / Lyophilizer / Microplate Reader / Scales

Wireless internet connection / Printer / Copier / Scanner / FAX


  • You can use the field station only for reserch or education.
  • Use of the station is free.
  • Follow rules and instructions from staffs.
  • Please take care of yourselves.
  • You have to share a bed room, when other users stay at the station. Please clean up the rooms by yourselves during your stay.
  • There is no shop within the walking distance. Please go shopping by yourselves by public transportation or a rental car.
  • No daily necessaries (shampoo, soap, detergent etc.) are provided. Please prepare them by yourselves.
  • Do not leave any your belongings including foods, when you leave the station.


Please subimit application formats by 2 weeks before the day of your use.

  • We may refuse your use due to the capacity of the station or your purpose.
  • A long stay over 3 months is not allowed.
  • Please submit a report of use to WRC after your stay.

Use of lab equipments

  • Please tell us in your application formats, if you would like to use some lab equipments at the station.
    You might not use them according to other researchers use. In that case we arrange the schedule of the use if possible.


Takafumi Suzumura
(Technical Staff)