News in March: Extra Edition

A Chimpanzee Succeeded in Bringing Down a Drone

During the Animal Welfare Course for graduate students of Kyoto University, we used a drone to record the behavior of chimpanzees inside their enclosure. During the recording, a female chimpanzee named Chiko succeeded in bringing down the drone by throwing a stick at it. (Note that the drone was recovered after the incident and there was no harm to the chimpanzees)


大学院生のための動物福祉実習でチンパンジーの観察中、ドローンで様子を撮影 していたところ、チンパンジー・チコが枝を投げてドローンを撃墜しました。 (追:ドローンは事件のあと回収しました。チンパンジーに特にケガなどはあり ませんでした。)

Posted on March 21, 2017