International Seminar in JSPS Core-to-Core Program 2013: Current states and problems of the study for wildlife conservation

20th August, 2013 in WRC Seminar room
09:10greeting by Prof. Gen’ichi Idani (WRC)
09:15Dr. Edward Mtarima Kohi (TAWIRI), Ecological Engineering: The role of Megaherbivores on large mammals diversity.
09:55questions and answers
10:00Dr. Masaki Shimada (Teikyo Universtiy of Science), Dynamics and network of social play among wild chimpanzees in Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania.
10:40questions and answers
10:55Mr. Pius Yoram Kavana (TAWIRI), Assessment of feed resources wild and domestic herbivores in Miombo woodlands of Western Tanzania.
11:35questions and answers
11:40Mr. Shunkichi Hanamura (WRC), Immigration process of female chimpanzees at Mahale, Tanzania: focusing on both visual and auditory interactions with resident individuals.
12:10questions and answers
12:15lunch time
13:30Dr. Julius Dotto Keyyu (TAWIRI), Wildlife health research and monitoring in Tanzania.
14:10questions and answers
14:15Dr. Kodzue Kinoshita (WRC), Natural and artificial breeding in zoos and aquariums.
14:55questions and answers
15:00coffee break
15:15Mr. Adenyo Cristopher (WRC), Microsatellite development and genetic diversity of grasscutter (Thryonomys swinderianus) in Ghana
15:55questions and answers
16:00Dr. Tadatoshi Ogura (WRC), Welfare studies in Higashiyama Zoo, Nagoya.
16:40questions and answers
18:00Social gathering