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The 10th Party in Preparation
2013.01.29 10:00 Update
Voyaging to Bhutan from 18th of January 2013 to 28th of January 2013, the 10th visiting party has safely returned to Japan. You can read a report about their trip under the Activities Report section. Please check it out.
2012.11.20 10:00 Update

Members of the 10th Party:
We are pleased to inform you that members of the 10th Party have been selected. These following 11 persons below are members of the 10th Party.
  • Michiko Fujisawa,
    Assistant Professor, Wildlife Research Center of Kyoto University
  • Hiroyuki Yoshihara,
    Professor/Director, Division of Medical Information Technology & Administration Planning, Kyoto University Hospital
  • Yuri Dowa
    IBCLC, Department of neonatal intensive care unit, Kyoto University Hospital
  • Yoshihiro Hirata
    Graduate School of Medicine Kyoto University
  • Risako Kabata
    Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University
  • Akio Maruyama
    Department of Forest and Biomaterials Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University
  • Masayo Nishigaki
  • Kanako Ono
  • Mari Sengoku
    Research Fellow (Uehiro Kokoro Studies), Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University
  • Emiko Sunaga
    PhD Candidate, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS), Kyoto University
  • Yuichiro Tani
    Department of Agricultural and Environmenal Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University
2012.11.02 17:00 Update

The deadline for the 10th Party application has passed.

We are currently reviewing all applications about details. During the middle of November, we plan to notify the applicants.

Announcement will be launched upon details became available. We encourage you to keep in touch.
2012.10.09 10:00

Kyoto University Bhutan Friendship Program(KU-Bhutan) will send the 10th party to Bhutan from 18th January to 28th January, 2013.
The 10th party consists of the professors and students of Kyoto University as usual.

We are now accepting applications for it.
Please fill this application form below, and send an e-mail with it and a recommendation letter(Please ask your supervisor to write a short letter recommending you to this program) to: : info-kyoto-bhutan.org

WordDownload Application Form

The deadline for applications is 2nd November, 2012.

Preparation for the upcoming party is stil in progress. Schedule might be changed. We will be launching the announcement soon after the schedule is fixed. We hope you will keep in touch.