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Bhutanese Buddhism and Its Culture
A new book titled "Bhutanese Buddhism and Its Culture" by Seiji Kumagai is now available in Nepal, and Amazon.com.

Table of Contents

-Foreword by Damcho DORJI (Minister, Ministery of Home & Cultural Affairs)
-Introduction Seiji KUMAGAI

[Chapter 1. Nyingma School]
- Karma URA “Longchen’s Forests of Poetry and Rivers of Composition in Bhutan: “The illuminating map – titled as forest park of flower garden - of Bumthang, the divine hidden land” composed in 1355 by Longchen Ramjam (1308-1363)”
- Akinori YASUDA “A Study of Rgyud bu chung Discovered by Pema Lingpa”

[Chapter 2. Drukpa Kagyu School]
- Gembo DORJI “The Lho-Druk Tradition of Bhutan: The Arrival and Spread of Buddhism”
- Karma URA “Monastic System of the Drukpa Kagyu (’Brug pa bka’ brgyud) School in Bhutan”
- Thupten Gawa MATSUSHITA “Introduction to the Theory of Mahāmudrā by the Founder of Drukpa Kagyü, Tsangpa Gyaré Yeshe Dorje (1161-1211)”

[Chapter 3. Other Schools]
- Françoise POMMARET “Bon in Bhutan. What is in the name?”
- Seiji KUMAGAI “History and Current Situation of the Sa skya pa School in Bhutan”

[Chapter 4. Buddhist Culture]
- Lungtaen GYATSO “A Note on the Concept of Happiness and Prosperity”
- Akiko UEDA “Understanding the Practice of Dual Residence in the Context of Transhumance: A Case from Western Bhutan”
- Elizabeth MONSON “Alternative Voices: The Unusual Case of Drukpa Kunley (’Brug pa kun legs)”
- Riam KUYAKANON KNAPP “Contemplations on a Bhutanese Buddhist Environmental Narrative”
- Dendup CHOPHEL and Dorji KHANDU “Byis pa’i dpa’ bo: The Dance of Youthful Heroes”

For further infomation, please visit Vajra Publications's website http://www.vajrabookshop.com/more_info.php?product_cd=1838 or, Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Bhutanese-Buddhism-Culture-Seiji-Kumagai/dp/9937623235/ .