Publications by the use of Yakushima Field Station in 2004

Last update: January 2009

Jounal articles

  1. Domingo-Roura X. Marmi J. Andres O. Yamagiwa J. Terradas J. (2004) Genotyping from semen of wild Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata). American Journal Of Primatology, 62, 31-42.
  2. Hanya G. (2004) Seasonal variations in the activity budget of Japanese macaques in the coniferous forest of Yakushima: Effects of food and temperature. American Journal Of Primatology, 63, 165-177.
  3. Hanya G. (2004) Diet of a Japanese macaque troop in the coniferous forest of Yakushima. International Journal Of Primatology, 25, 55-71.
  4. Hanya G. Matsubara M. Sugiura H. Hayakawa S. Goto S. Tanaka T. Soltis J. Noma N. (2004) Mass mortality of Japanese macaques in a western coastal forest of Yakushima. Ecological Research, 19, 179-188.
  5. Hanya G. Yoshihiro S. Zamma K. Matsubara H. Ohtake M. Kubo R. Noma N. Agetsuma N. Takahata Y. (2004) Environmental determinants of the altitudinal variations in relative group densities of Japanese macaques on Yakushima. Ecological Research, 19, 485-493.
  6. Matsubara M. Sprague D. S. (2004) Mating tactics in response to costs incurred by mating with multiple males in wild female Japanese macaques. International Journal Of Primatology, 25, 901-917.
  7. Otani T. (2004) Effects of macaque ingestion on seed destruction and germination of a fleshy-fruited tree, Eurya emarginata. Ecological Research, 19, 495-501.
  8. Tsujino R. Yumoto T. (2004) Effects of sika deer on tree seedlings in a warm temperate forest on Yakushima Island, Japan. Ecological Research, 19, 291-300.

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  1. Hino T. (2004)(in Japanese) Graduation thesis, Hokkaido University.
  2. Baba Y. (2004) Morphological and behavioral differentiation of a kleptoparasitic spider Argyrodes kumadai (Araneae: Theridiidae) utilizing different hosts. Master thesis, The University of Tokyo.
  3. Horiuchi S. (2004) Social tactics of multiple males maintaining their coexistence within a troop in wild Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata). Doctoral thesis, Kyoto University.
  4. Terakawa M. (2004)(in Japanese) Master thesis, Nara University of Education.

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Conference papers and proceedings

  1. Sprague D. (2004) Land-use change in Yakushima Island based on topographic maps of the Taisho, Showa, and Heisei Periods. Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Research Project Workshop: Sustainability and Biodiversity Assessment on Forest Utilization Options, Otsu, Japan.

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