Publications by the use of Yakushima Field Station in 2003

Last update: January 2009

Jounal articles

  1. Agetsuma N. Sugiura H. Hill D. A. Agetsuma-Yanagihara Y. Tanaka T. (2003) Population density and group composition of Japanese sika deer (Cervus nippon yakushimae) in an evergreen broad-leaved forest in Yakushima, southern Japan. Ecological Research, 18, 475-483.
  2. Hanya G. (2003) Age differences in food intake and dietary selection of wild male Japanese macaques. Primates, 44, 333-339.
  3. Hanya G. Noma N. Agetsuma N. (2003) Altitudinal and seasonal variations in the diet of Japanese macaques in Yakushima. Primates, 44, 51-59.
  4. Hanya G. Yoshihiro S. Zamma K. Kubo R. Takahata Y. (2003) New method to census primate groups: Estimating group density of Japanese macaques by point census. American Journal Of Primatology, 60, 43-56.
  5. Kanetani S. Kawahara T. Kanazashi A. Yoshimaru H. (2003) Study on conservation of genetic resources of an endangered Japanese five-needle pine species, Pinus armandii Franch. Var. amamiana (Koidz.) Hatusima. Proceedings of Breeding and Genetic Resources of Five-Needle Pines: Growth, Adaptability and Pest Resistance.
  6. Matsubara M. (2003) Costs of mate guarding and opportunistic mating among wild male Japanese macaques. International Journal Of Primatology, 24, 1057-1075.

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  1. Kiyono M. (2003)(in Japanese) Graduation thesis, Kagoshima University.
  2. Tsujino R. (2003)(in Japanese) Master thesis, Kyoto University.
  3. Hayakawa S. (2003) Molecular Ecology of the Japanese Macaque (Macaca fuscata yakui): Sexual Behavior and Paternity in Wild Yakushima Troops. Doctoral thesis, Kyoto University.

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  1. Hill D.A. (2003) Effect of demographic variation on kinship structure and behavior in cercopithicines. Primate Kinship (Ed. Chapais B. Berman C.M.): Cambridge University Press.
  2. Thomsen R. Soltis J. Teltscher C. (2003) Sperm Competition and the Function of Male Masturbation in Non-Human Primates. Sexual Selection in Primates: New Perspectives and Directions. (Book Series of the American Society of Primatologists) (Ed. Wallis J. Jones CB.).

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Magazine articles and lectures

  1. Morino Mari. (2003) Forest as commons between monkey and local society, Report of the international seminar "Common-pool resources in Japan and worldwide from the historical and contemporary perspectives". World Wide Business Review, pp. 178-180.

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