Publications by the use of Yakushima Field Station in 1998

Last update: January 2009

Jounal articles

  1. Agetsuma N. Nakagawa N. (1998) Effects of habitat differences on feeding behaviors of Japanese monkeys: Comparison between Yakushima and Kinkazan. Primates, 39, 275-289.
  2. Maruhashi T. Saito C. Agetsuma N. (1998) Home range structure and inter-group competition for land of Japanese macaques in evergreen and deciduous forests. Primates, 39, 291-301.
  3. Saito C. Sato S. Suzuki S. Sugiura H. Agetsuma N. Takahata Y. Sasaki C. Takahashi H. Tanaka T. Yamagiwa J. (1998) Aggressive intergroup encounters in two populations of Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata). Primates, 39, 303-312.
  4. Sugiura H. (1998) Matching of acoustic features during the vocal exchange of coo calls by Japanese macaques. Animal Behaviour, 55, 673-687.
  5. Suzuki S. Hill D. A. Sprague D. S. (1998) Intertroop transfer and dominance rank structure of nonnatal male Japanese macaques in Yakushima, Japan. International Journal Of Primatology, 19, 703-722.
  6. Suzuki S. Noma N. Izawa K. (1998) Inter-annual variation of reproductive parameters and fruit availability in two populations of Japanese macaques. Primates, 39, 313-324.
  7. Takahata Y. Suzuki S. Agetsuma N. Okayasu N. Sugiura H. Takahashi H. Yamagiwa J. Izawa K. Furuichi T. Hill D. A. Maruhashi T. Saito C. Sato S. Sprague D. S. (1998) Reproduction of wild Japanese macaque females of Yakushima and Kinkazan islands: A preliminary report. Primates, 39, 339-349.
  8. Takahata Y. Suzuki S. Okayasu N. Sugiura H. Takahashi H. Yamagiwa J. Izawa K. Agetsuma N. Hill D. Saito C. Sato S. Tanaka T. Sprague D. (1998) Does troop size of wild Japanese macaques influence birth rate and infant mortality in the absence of predators? Primates, 39, 245-251.
  9. Yamagiwa J. Hill D. (1998) Intraspecific variation in the social organization of Japanese macaques: Past and present scope of field studies in natural habitats. Primates, 39, 257-273.
  10. Yamagiwa J. Izawa K. Maruhashi T. (1998) Long-term studies on wild Japanese macaques in natural habitats at Kinkazan and Yakushima: Preface. Primates, 39, 255-256.
  11. Yoshihiro S. Furuichi T. Manda M. Ohkubo N. Kinoshita M. Agetsuma N. Azuma S. Matsubara H. Sugiura H. Hill D.A. Kido E. Kubo R. Matsushima K. Nakajima K. Maruhashi T. Oi T. Sprague D. Tanaka T. Tsukahara T. Takahata Y. (1998) The Distribution of Wild Yakushima Macaque (Macaca fuscata yakui). Troops around the Coast of Yakushima Island, Japan. Primate Research, 14, 179-187.
  12. Yumoto T. Noma N. Maruhashi T. (1998) Cheek-pouch dispersal of seeds by Japanese monkeys (Macaca fuscata yakui) on Yakushima Island, Japan. Primates, 39, 325-338.

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  1. Tanaka T. (1998)(in Japanese) Doctoral thesis, Nihon University.
  2. Hayakawa S. (1998)(in Japanese) Master thesis, Kyoto University.

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Conference papers and proceedings

  1. Hill D.A. Agetsuma N. (1998) Fragmentation, habitat-use and diet of macaques and deer in warm temperate rain forest of Yakushima, Japan. XVIth congress of the International Primatological Society,
  2. Hill D.A. Agetsuma, N. (1998) Socio-economic correlates of crop-raiding by Japanese macaques in Yakushima. XVIth congress of the International Primatological Society,

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