Publications by the use of Yakushima Field Station in 1985-1989

Last update: January 2009

Jounal articles

  1. Oi T. (1988) Sociological-Study On The Troop Fission Of Wild Japanese Monkeys (Macaca-Fuscata Yakui) On Yakushima Island. Primates, 29, 1-19.

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Conference papers and proceedings

  1. Sprague D. Okayasu N. Maruhashi T. Yamagiwa J. (1985) Male inter-troop mobility during the mating season among the Yakushima Japanese macaques. Primates Research Society, Inuyama, Japan.
  2. Sprague D. Tsukahara T. (1986) Fission of A troop of Yakushima Island. Primate Society of Japan, Nagoya, Japan.
  3. Sprague D. (1987) Mating by visitor males among Yakushima monkeys. Primate Society of Japan, Minoo, Japan.

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