Rule of use of the Yakushima Field Station

Last update: June 2008

Yakushima Field Station of the Wildlife Research Center (WRC), Kyoto University (station, hereafter) is a facility for those who visit Yakushima for research and educational purposes. Please follow the rules, as indicated below.

1. Permission

1-1. Permission of use

Those who wish to use the station must send the "Application for the Use of Field Station" to the WRC by the designated time (usually one week before the use, unless noticed during busy seasons. Those who do not stay but use the facilities of the station (bath, washing machine, cooking staff, telephone, photocopying machine, internet etc.) also must submit the application.

Due to the limit of the space, you may not use the station when it is full, even when you apply during the designated period. We accept the users by the order of application.

When the use is permitted, permission is sent to the station by fax. When you receive it at the station, please put it up on the blackboard of the station.

1-2. Change of use

When you wish to extend the period of use, please apply extension to the WRC. When you shorten the use, or stay at other facilities temporarily, please notify WRC.

2. Way of use of the station

2-1. Use of rooms

The station has four rooms, excluding kitchen, toilet and bathroom.

There are no private rooms. Users must share rooms with up to 5 users. Please use each room following category indicated above. When you use working room as a bedroom, please be careful not to bother other users' works.

2-2. Cooking

Cooking is necessary for the living in the station (eating out is impractical). Users usually prepare and have dinner together. Users must take part in cooking for everyone. Cooking and buying food take much time and these costs should be shared by everyone.

2-3. Cleaning, maintenance and garbage disposal

Please conduct maintenance of the facilities and cleaning in and around (out of) the station, in particular the common space, such as bathroom and kitchen. When any facilities are broken, please report WRC as soon as possible.

Please dispose garbage following the rule of the Yakushima town.

2-4. Use of bedding

We do not have beds but futons, Japane style bedding. You can use the mattress and pillows in the closet of the large room. When you use them, be sure to use the bedclothes attached with the mattress and pillows.

2-5. Use of telephone, facsimile and photocopying machine

You can use the telephone and facsimile only for public purposes. When you use telephone or facsimile, please write it down in the notebook attached with the telephone.

2-6. Use of internet

ISDN (both LAN and wireless) internet connection is available. It is possible for you to use the internet at the station for the only purpose of research or education.

2-7. Repair of equipments

Please report if any equipments need to be repaired.

2-8. Bringing chemicals

It is prohibited to bring dangerous chemicals, such as strong acid or inflammable organic liquid. Do not dispose chemicals which are difficult to be dissolved into sink. Please keep chemicals in the shelf which are locked.

2-9. Locking and fire prevention

When you leave station, please lock all the windows and doors. Please always be careful with fire. Before you go to bed or leave station, please turn off the stopcock. Before you use, please confirm the place of the fire extinguisher.

2-10. Typhoon

When a typhoon is coming, put in things out of the station.
Close the sliding doors to prevent glasses to be broken. Please prepare a torch, radio, and water in case of electricity stops. When the typhoon leaves, please check equipments around the station. If you find any troubles, please inform the WRC.

3. Before leaving the station

3-1. Report of use

Please fill in the report of use before you finish using the station and send it to the WRC by e-mail. We would appreciate your opinions and suggestions to improve the management of the station.

3-2. Cleaning

Please clean the room you used and check the facilities of the station. If you stay more than one week, please clean the common rooms, such as kitchen, bathroom and toilet. When nobody use the station after you leave, please close the sliding doors and lock all the windows and doors.

3-3. Management of personal belongings

When you finish using the station, please take out all your personal belongings (chemicals, samples, facilities) with you. If you are coming back to the station within 1 month, you can leave your belongings, one cupboard box at maximum, in the working room. If you leave, please report the WRC and write your name, content and the period you keep the box on the box. If these are not written, or the period is over, the box might be discarded, or sended back without notice.

3-4. Key

Please return the key to the designated place.

3-5. Miscellaneous

The station cannot be managed without the cooperation of users. We would appreciate your further cooperation to keep it comfortable and useful facility. Evaluation on the contribution of the station to the studies in Yakushima will greatly affect the management of the station. Your consideration would be appreciated when publishing your research.


Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University

Telephone: 075-771-4393

Facsimile: 075-771-4394