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Real-time underwater acoustic monitoring of fish in Amazon River

1. Member


Dr. Nobuaki Arai (Field Science education and Reserach Center, Kyoto University)
Dr. Hiromichi Mitamura (Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University)


Dr. Jos Gomes (INPA)

2. Background

Many kinds of fish species inhabit Amazon River. However, the ecology of them is mystery. The special technique of ultrasonic biotelemetry is a powerful tool to observe their behavioral ecology underwater where the direct observation is difficult for us.

3. Objective, methods and expected results

The objective of our study is to understand the Amazon ecosystem by monitoring fish movements in the Amazon River for development of “fish monitoring field museum”. Fish are tagged with acoustic transmitters, and then released into the Amazon River. The fixed acoustic receivers are monitoring ultrasonic signals emitted by the transmitters. The real-time data are transferred to the museum and opened by the Internet.

4. Contribution for the Field Museum

Display of the real-time fish behavior that is difficult to observe directly can encourage interest of general citizen as well as fish researchers.

5. Inpact and contribution for human resource development

Figure1. The catfish (Pirarara, Phractocephalus hemioliopterus) tagged with an acoustic transmitter.