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Underwater behavior of Boto, Amazon River dolphins

1. Member


Dr. Vera da Silva (INPA)

2. Background

Boto, Amazon River dolphin, (Inia geoffrensis) are freshwater dolphin species that inhabits in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins of South America. Botos are declining and in danger of extinction. More data on their ecology and biology, particularly their habitat use and diurnal behavior, are required for the effective conservation of this species. However the turbid water of Amazon River prevent underwater observation. Thus there is still little knowledge about their underwater behavior.

3. Objective, methods and expected results

The objective of this study is to their underwater behavior, especially acoustic behavior by using the data loggers that are attached to botos directly.

4. Contribution for the Field Museum

For the effective conservation, it is important that the people lived in Manaus well understand the ecology of Amazon River dolphins. The results of this study will be used for a part of the educational program in Bosque da Ciencia.

5. Inpact and contribution for human resource development

Figure1. The adult male of boto, Amazon River dolphin.

Figure2. The adult male Amazon River dolphin with the data logger.