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Real-time monitoring of underwater sounds in Amazon basin

1. Member


Dr. Jos Gomes (INPA)

Technical assistance

Dr. Michel Andre (UPC, Spain)

2. Background, Objectiv and methods

The underwater sounds of aquatic organisms provide a lot of information about their ecology, behavior, life cycle, diversity and so on. Our objective is clarifying “acoustic phenology” in Rio Negro using long term recording system. Toward this objective, we will deploy the sound monitoring station, automatic sound classification system and acoustic exhibition hardware. The field recordings of each aquatic organisms provide the baseline data for the automatic classification. The continuous recording data will be processed and archived for the future analysis for “the acoustic phenology” in Amazon waters.

4. Contribution for the Field Museum

Streaming of data will be available for the exhibition at field museum from the passive acoustic monitoring. Archived data including interesting events such as fish chorus, anthropogenic or natural noise, and diurnal change of behavior will be supplied for the field museum as well.

6. Technical assistance

Figure2. The catfish and its sounds recorded in Novo Airao.