2016/05/16(Mon) Job Announcement

Job Announcement for Assistant Professor of Comparative Cognitive Science,Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University. All applicantion documents must arrive by 14th July, 2016.

2015/11/06(Fri) Research Article

Mizuno et al. published their research paper "Asian elephants acquire inaccessible food by blowing"
Click here for details.

2015/09/18(Fri) Research Article

Kano and Hirata published their research paper on apes' memory of single evensts in Current Biology.
Click here for details.

2015/09/10(Thu) Book published

Nakamura M, Hosaka K, Itoh N, Zamma K 2015. Mahale Chimpanzees: 50 Years of Research. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

2014/04/09(Wed) HP for Koshima Field Station

We opened the webpage for Koshima Field Station.

2014/04/04(Fri) New members

WRC received new members in April. Please check "Staff and Students" page.

2013/04/15(Mon) Job Announcement

Job Announcement for Professor of Comparative Cognitive Science,Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University. All applicantion documents
must arrive by 7th June, 2013.

2013/04/10(Wed) Research Article

Nakamura M, Corp N, Fujimoto M, Fujita S, Hanamura S, Hayaki H, Hosaka K, Huffman MA, Inaba A, Inoue E, Itoh N, Kutsukake N, Kiyono-Fuse M, Kooriyama T, Marchant LF, Matsumoto-Oda A, Matsusaka T, McGrew WC, Mitani JC, Nishie H, Norikoshi K, Sakamaki T, Shimada M, Turner LA, Wakibara JV, Zamma K 2013. Ranging behavior of Mahale chimpanzees: a 16 year study. Primates 54: 171-182.

2013/01/31(Thu) Research Article

Yamamoto S, Humle T, Tanaka M (2013) Basis for Cumulative Cultural Evolution in Chimpanzees: Social Learning of a More Efficient Tool-Use
Technique. PLoS ONE 8(1): e55768. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0055768

2013/01/23(Wed) Poster presentation

Miyabi Nakabayashi will make presentation at Asia Pacific Chapter Annual Meeting 2013, 18-22th March, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

2013/01/23(Wed) Research Article

NAKABAYASHI M., BERNARD H. and NAKASHIMA Y. 2012. An observation of several Common Palm Civets Paradoxurus hermaphroditus at a fruiting tree of Endospermum diadenum in Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sabah, Malaysia: comparing feeding patterns of frugivorous carnivorans. Small Carnivore Conservation 47:42–45.

2013/01/07(Mon) Changes in the staff

Dr. Morimura and Dr. Fujisawa have moved out from WRC on 1st Jan.

2012/12/19(Wed) Research Article

Nakamura M, Nishida T 2013. Ontogeny of a social custom in wild chimpanzees: Age changes in grooming hand-clasp at Mahale. Am J Primatol 75:186–196.

2011/08/01(Mon) Kumamoto Sanctuary

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Uto has changed its name as Kumamoto Sanctuary and has been moved under Kyoto University.

2010/12/15(Wed) International Symposium

Report of Kyoto University International Symposium: Biodiversity, Zoos and Aquariums "The message from animals" was published (PDF file).

2010/06/17(Thu) (no title)

Web page for Center for International Collaboration and Advanced Studies in Primatology (CICASP) is now open

2010/01/20(Wed) ITP-HOPE

Research with ITP-HOPE project

2008/07/25(Fri) (no title)

Introduction of WRC by Current Biology External link: you need to have an access to Current Biology

2008/06/06(Fri) Captive Care Grants

Dr. Morimura has awarded Captive Care Grants by International Primatological Society

2008/06/05(Thu) Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony Held for Wildlife Research Center

2008/04/22(Tue) Lecture Series

The PRI/WRC Lecture Series "On Human Nature" (28-30 May)

2008/04/01(Tue) (no title)

Formal Inauguration of the Wildlife Research Center

2008/03/18(Tue) Press Conference

Press Conference by the Kyoto University Chancellor

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