On May 15th 2012 three chimpanzees have been transferred to Kumamoto Sanctuary.

On May 15th 2012 three chimpanzees have been transferred from a Japanese pharmaceutical company to Kumamoto Sanctuary, Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University.
Their names are: a female Candy and two males Musashi and Shoubou.
They were captured in the wild and then taken to Japan when they were only infants.
Ever since, now for 30 years they have lived in small indoor cages, isolated from each other until this transfer took place.

In their new home at Kumamoto Sanctuary, They can see the blue sky, step onto the ground and touch, laugh and even fight with their new group mates again three decades later.

Please join us through this report and see how they are gradually returning to be more natural, more social, like real chimpanzees' life enriched.

The prequel of this report is HERE(Click!). We hope you enjoy reading it.

2012.09.01 - 2012.10.31
The 115th day
Candy was recently introduced to a new outdoor enclosure, due to an upcoming construction at our facility. Her new outdoor enclosure is twice as wide as her old outdoor enclosure, and it is also higher by 2 meters. To our surprise, Candy climbed the new 7 meter high fence at once without a slightest hesitation!

Candy is now exposed to 17 new friends in a line. She will have four group mates living with her in the same enclosure; eight other Chimpanzees next door on her right led by Hope, and another five-member group led by Konan in the far-right enclosure. We thought that Candy suddenly might become scared of so many other Chimpanzees around but in the other hand she might not be surprised at all! Rather, she will enjoy interacting with a variety of new characters in other groups. Soon we will find out!

The 148th day
One month has passed since Candy was introduced to a new outdoor enclosure. She and Oumu are getting more and more relaxed and friendly with each other. Oumu sometimes waits for her until she comes into the indoor enclosure, and then they greet each other with embrace.

The 150th day
When Candy became more familiar with her new friends she was encouraged to go out into a new outdoor enclosure which has a 15-m high climbing structure. At the beginning of the day today, she was let out there by herself. We wanted to avoid all unanticipated accidents. Candy was scared in this unfamiliar environment. She rushed to the upper platform when KS staff closed the door. Afterward, she calmed down and slowly climbed up halfway into the climbing structure.

There is a pond, shaped like a canal with live fish swimming in this outdoor enclosure, an additional feature that Candy encountered. First she looked closely at the surface of the slow-flowing water, then drank some of it. She landed her hands on the opposite shore of the canal, and she stayed in that position for a while as if she was pondering whether she could leap it. Then she jumped over the canal carefully and rather fast. Candy recognized well that sinking into water was dangerous; perhaps she still remembers of her early years spent in the wild.

The 159th day
We throw several seasonal parties and feed anniversary dinners at Kumamoto Sanctuary. We threw Halloween party today too. Candy has joined this event also for the first time. To our surprise, Candy was not scared of the setup of this special, very decorative looking meal-event! In the contrary she joined others with no hesitation and was feeding on pears and apples freely with them. Though Candy collected her fruit freely, she often kept a distance (berth) from others feeding more close to one another.

English text: Michael Seres, based on original Japanese by Toshifumi Udono and Migaku Teramoto.