On May 15th 2012 three chimpanzees have been transferred to Kumamoto Sanctuary.

On May 15th 2012 three chimpanzees have been transferred from a Japanese pharmaceutical company to Kumamoto Sanctuary, Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University.
Their names are: a female Candy and two males Musashi and Shoubou.
They were captured in the wild and then taken to Japan when they were only infants.
Ever since, now for 30 years they have lived in small indoor cages, isolated from each other until this transfer took place.

In their new home at Kumamoto Sanctuary, They can see the blue sky, step onto the ground and touch, laugh and even fight with their new group mates again three decades later.

Please join us through this report and see how they are gradually returning to be more natural, more social, like real chimpanzees' life enriched.

The prequel of this report is HERE(Click!). We hope you enjoy reading it.

2012.08.01 - 2012.08.31

The 79th day
We had administered proper doses of medicine to Musashi since Balantidium coli was detected in his feces. Balantidium coli has disappeared after the treatment. We have decided to continue with his introduction to others.

He often ended up chasing his newly introduced mates, simply because he was scared of them but then ended up screaming when they retaliated. Same sequence repeated again when he was let together with Shirou today. At first Musashi was friendly to Shirou but soon he began chasing him around. Shirou had no other option than to retaliate. He bit into Musashi's arm gently. Musashi lost. He stopped chasing. Musashi acted awkward for a while. Shirou came closer to him, they embraced each other and repaired the relationship. Shortly, they began playing. Although Musashi remained somewhat scared even after the reconciliation, he seemed to be really relieved today. We felt satisfied with his smile!

The 85th day
Musashi got along well with Shirou today. George was let together with them again. Although we expected that Musashi was already familiar with him, Musashi began chasing George. He was screaming at him during his chase. An unusual incident happened today. Musashi made numerous eye contact with Shirou while chasing George, then went to embrace Shirou. Musashi's friendly contact behavior with Shirou meant that Musashi respects Shirou. This also meant that he wanted Shirou's help (support) against George. Unfortunately - bad for George - Shirou accepted Musashi' invitation and then after they embraced again, they both chased George! In the battle when both caught up with George, Shirou bit George at the end. George, who was completely innocent in this situation, suffered to lose part of his fingernail of his left index finger. Later George kept coming and staying closer to the other two - initiating reconciliation - after they all calmed down.

A "make no sense fight" like this sometimes happens in chimpanzees' society. Shirou agreed to support Musashi. They formed alliances.That was the only reason Shirou chased George. Musashi, with the help of Shirou had a chance to share victory over George! This was a memorable day! Musashi proved that his chimpanzee-spirit is alive! He, though with major help form Shirou "won" a fight for the first time.

The 101st, 102nd day
2012.08.23, 24
Candy has been getting well along with Black, Sakura and Chiko now. Candy has also already met Niko, Haruna and Oumu through the mesh wall. These mature ladies are now also Candy's new mates. They all born in the wild. They can't help but they do not easily tolerate unfamiliar new mates like Candy. Not much more than "strange" chimpanzees like those, that were raised by humans. They were/are not very friendly with Candy.
Oumu is 36 years old. She is a small female chimpanzee. Her front teeth are almost missing. So Oumu was let together with Candy today because we had predicted that Oumu couldn't injure Candy severely. When Oumu and Candy met, Oumu chased Candy in the enclosure, however, Candy quickly offered her friendship with clear gestures. They inspected each other's rumps for reconciliation. Now, Candy is getting along well with four other chimpanzees.

English text: Michael Seres, based on original Japanese by Toshifumi Udono and Migaku Teramoto.