Research and Educations

Cooporative works

There have been a lot of reseach in Koshima Island using accumulated data as collaborative works. We hold lectures and observations for students and the public as educational activities.

Field Trainings & Experiments

Field Training of Japan Monkey Center in Koshima

This training has been held as interfacilities communication and a field experiment for understanding animal habitat. Staff at JMC has observed the Japanese Macaques and their habitat in the island, and it should be oppotunities to feedback the exeprience to thier own daily works, such as ideal display of captives in zoo as a window to the wild.

The 1st group

The 2nd group

The 3rd group

Field Tour for Monkey Campus Students in Koshima

This tour was held for students of Monkey Campus which was a sequence of public lectures by Kyoto University. The students observed the Japanese Macaques and their habitat in the island and learned the history of Koshima island, the birth place of Japanese Primatology.

Observation in the island and lecture

Coastal forest along Ishinami Coast and Cape Toi

Introduction of Research Topics in Koshima Island

Under Constraction.