Population Genetics of Bonobos

[130] Kawamoto Y., Takemoto H., Higuchi S., Sakamaki T., Hart J.A., Hart T.B., Tokuyama N, Reinartz G.E., Guislain P.,Dupain J., Cobden A.K., Mulavwa M.N., Yangozene K., Darroze S.,Devos C. & Furuichi T. (2013)Genetic Structure of Wild Bonobo Populations: Diversity of Mitochondrial DNA and Geographical Distribution. PLoS ONE 8(3): e59660. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0059660

Populations and Mitochondrial DNA

Sampled populations
Sampled populations

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Genetic Structure among Populations

Comparison of population distances with results of test for their statistical significance.
Values below the diagonal indicate estimates of population pairwise FST calculated assuming Tamura-Nei mutation model. Values above the diagonal indicate P values of permutation test (n=1,023) for the null hypothesis of FST=0 by the software Arlequin version 2.000 (Schneider et al. 2000).
Genetic distance among populations

Population tree
Population tree

Genetics Diversity within Populations

Genetic diversity within populations

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